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How to Make a Reservation:

The following points explain how to make a reservation with Sudamerica Tour, and our policy with respect to reservations, pricing, and deposits.

1. The first step in making a reservation is to contact us at and describe the kind of programme you are interested in. We will write back within 24 hours, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. In some cases we will talk by phone to clarify any additional details.

2. We require a deposit to ensure the availability of (where relevant) appropriate transport, experienced guides, equipment, hotel accommodation, and rights of entry to national parks or reserves. The deposit required is 20% of the total price. We will provide our bank details by email. We will also require the full names and passport details of all members of your group.

3. For the reasons described above, the deposit is non-refundable, although dates can be changed within reasonable limits. The balance can be paid on your arrival in Peru.

4. In the event that circumstances beyond our control (natural disasters, industrial action) interrupt the tour programme, we will make our best efforts to organize alternative routes or programmes. Should these alternatives not be satisfactory, we will refund the equivalent of 1 day of the cost of the tour (above and beyond the deposit) for each day lost.


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