Why Travel with South America Tour?

Our specialty is providing personalized tours for individuals and small and large groups, offering a sense of exploration and a family atmosphere. Our innovative and personalised approach to South America travel will ensure that you have a truly memorable experience. Our best recommendations come form clients such as PetroBras, Television CCTV, TV Globo in Brazil, the BBC, Channel Films, Cristóbal de Acuña TVE Expedition, Origin of the Amazon Expedition and hundreds of other satisfied customers. Check out out our feedback!

South America Tour: Our Team

South America Tour greatest asset is our team of people who are passionate about South America's geography, history and culture, and are keen to share their accumulated knowledge and experience with others. Rather than being just workmates, we are a group of friends working together, which helps create the friendly environment we share with our clients. We maintain a taste for the joy of discovery, which is what we think travel is really about.

Hugo Centi Cabrera
Southamerica Hugo

Hugo is the agency’s chief of operations and its foundation stone.  Together with Lizbeth, he developed Sudamerica Tour after living in Switzerland for three years, studying tourism in Arequipa and spending years as a guide in South America. Hugo has a very friendly and relaxed personality, which with his various languages and in-depth knowledge of the geography, history and culture of the Andean countries makes him the agency’s top guide. Hugo has led various expeditions with businesses and television crews including the BBC (United Kingdom), Petrobras (Brazil), CCTV Television (China), Red Globo Television (Brazil), RW Cine Channel Productions (Brazil), Cristobal de Acuña TVE (Spain), the Source of the Amazon scientific expedition (Brazil) among others.

Lizbeth Junco Cabrera
Peru Travel

Lizbeth is the agency’s manager and direct coodinator of tour programmes, one of the most important members of the team thanks to her efficiency, good humour and leadership. Lizbeth graduated with a degree in Tourism from Arequipa’s San Agustin University after 5 years of study. She speaks Spanish and English and lived for many years in Cabanaconde in the Colca Valley. She has in-depth knowledge of geography and culture thanks to her many journeys, and is always happy to share this knowledge with others. She also has a great talent for story-telling and can fascinate friends and acquaintances with tales of life in the Peruvian sierra.

Jose Antonio Callo Ito
Peru Travel

Jose Antonio is 35 years old and specializes in adventure tourism. He has years of  experience and in-depth knowledge of routes in South America. His passion is off-road adventures in 4WD vehicles.

Simon Bidwell
Peru Travel

Simon is a researcher and freelance writer from New Zealand. He speaks Spanish and English. In the last ten years he has lived in Wellington, London, Miami and La Antigua, Guatemala, but considers Arequipa in Peru to be his true second home. At the moment he is completing a master’s thesis through Victoria University of Wellington on “The Impact of Tourism on Development in the Colca Valley of Peru”.

Social Projects
Social Projects

Social Projects


Underdevelopment continues to affect many Latin American countries.  In Peru, despite recent economic growth, more than 50 percent of the population still lives in poverty.

Changing this will be a difficult and complex process. Like many Peruvians, we wish to offer assistance to those less fortunate.  Our efforts are focused on local communities in Arequipa. In particular, we offer assistance to Villa Ecológica, one of the poorest of the “pueblos jovenes” (informal settlements) on the city outskirts.

This settlement has a population of approximately 2500 families, and a typical story: the majority of people have migrated in search of better opportunities.  But they are cut off the city’s health and education services, and lack basic infrastructure such as potable water, drainage and lavatories.  

We work with local NGOs such as ASDE (http://www.asde.org.pe), which operates programmes in the pueblos jovenes.  In addition, a detailed study was carried out by Ilona Matysiak, a Polish sociology student, to ascertain the priority projects required to support the development of the community.  These include:

  • Facilitation of the technical studies needed to bring reticulated potable water to the community.
  • Organization of a primary and preventive health campaign in partnership with the local council and the Catholic University, and a health promotion programme focussing on hygiene and nutrition.
  • Support for the development of self-managed enterprises allowing mothers to work from within the community.
  • Provision of educational supplies to allow participation by local children at school

How Can You Help?

  1. By bringing greatly needed items for the improvement of health and education, such as school books, pens, toothpaste and soap.
  2. Making financial donations, for example, to support the construction of more public toilets or to support the upskilling of community members by local professionals.
  3. Providing information or  helping to make connections with organizations or businesses in your country of origin that would like to sponsor any of these projects.